Why Hubviuz

No more poor reviews. No more complex and difficult information searches. No more waste of time.


Welcome to Hubviuz, the first social network who cares about your items and your lifestyle.

Choose, swipe and it’s done !

Rate criteria you want, wherever and whenever.


As fast as tweeting, it’s easy and relevant.


You’ll wonder how you ever managed before.

Re-imagined Experiences Sharing


At a glance, identify relevant stories


One story, one picture and it’s shared. All of it, directly from your pocket


Share without even realizing it

To each its own lifestyle

Your items are always with you. Capturing your best pictures, listening to your favorite songs and any other moments of your life.


You have so much to tell about your items and the way they brighten your everyday life.

Join the Hubviuz Community

Interested in something? Explore your friends’ dailylife through their hobbies and stories. And make the best choice about the item which fits your lifestyle.


Make your move and share emotions about your items with your friends. Become someone they can count on.

They will love you !

The team

We are on a mission to make your dailylife easier by helping you to find items that fit you

Kolro KEM Hubviuz

Kolro KEM

Co-founder & COO

Jérémy CAZAL Hubviuz

Jérémy CAZAL

Co-founder & CEO

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